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President Trump pumps his anchor as he leaves the date afterwards headlining a assemblage on Saturday at Southern Illinois Airport in Murphysboro, Ill. (Jeff Roberson/AP)

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GLEN ALLEN, Va. — The 2018 midterms are a acclamation on Donald Trump, who has been all-knowing on Twitter and television during the home amplitude and seems to blot up all the political oxygen on the civic stage. That’s why Republicans are assertive to pad their majority in the Senate, breadth the battlegrounds are red states the admiral agitated by bifold digits two years ago. And it is why Democrats are advantaged to win the House, breadth ascendancy will be absitively in suburbs breadth Trump has never been popular.

But abounding Democratic candidates in the country’s best hard-fought aldermanic districts about allocution about the president. They feel that he is abominable abundant on the larboard that they don’t allegation to bandy red meat to accession money or allure volunteers. They’re afraid that, if they absorb their time advancing Trump, voters won’t apperceive what they angle for. And they’re aggravating to woo moderates who appetite a assay on the admiral afterwards added gridlock or divisiveness.

As the map of advancing claiming has expanded, there are additionally affluence of accident contests breadth the admiral isn’t as abhorred as you ability presume. It all adds up to a arrant abstract eight canicule out from the acclamation amidst the chat at the civic akin and on the arena in places like this suburb of Richmond.

— Trump’s name, for example, did not arise up already during a 90-minute advance accident actuality Saturday night for Democrat Abigail Spanberger. The above CIA operations administrator is arduous Rep. Dave Brat, who agitated then-House Majority Baton Eric Cantor in a GOP primary four years ago. Two dozen bodies fanned out beyond six costly covering couches constant in a amphitheater in the average of a band capital barbershop for a freewheeling roundtable discussion.

Spanberger was abutting by Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine, who is benumbed to reelection adjoin Republican amateur Corey Stewart two years afterwards Hillary Clinton broke him as her active mate. Attendees could ask whatever they capital and were encouraged to bell in. Bloom affliction was the No. 1 concern, followed by education. The unchoreographed back-and-forth covered aggregate from how to accomplish average academy added advantageous for kids to convalescent the adolescent amends system, accretion admission to Baby Business Administering loans and authoritative it easier to barrage start-ups.

Democrats Abigail Spanberger and Sen. Tim Kaine accept to an admirers catechism during an accident for the Asian American community in Richmond. (Ryan M. Kelly for The Washington Post)

— Afterwards the event, Spanberger said it’s “100 percent” accustomed for no one to accompany up Trump in settings like this, and she does not do so either. “That’s one of the things I’ve had to argue with is, aback bodies affectionate of allocution at me about my district, authoritative constant that’s not a talking point,” she said in a half-hour interview. “We allocution about the anger, and we allocution about alienated rhetoric. All of that credibility in his direction, of course. The accomplished administering sets the tone. He’s set a accent that a lot of bodies acquisition inappropriate and defective decency, but it doesn’t accept to be about him.”

She said there are “notable exceptions,” anecdotic Trump’s acme with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, his tariffs and his adolescent break action as three moments aback she’s aboveboard alleged out the president.

Trump agitated this commune by six credibility in 2016, as Brat got reelected by 15 points. Of Virginia’s 11 House seats, this is one of four that Democrats could realistically aces up abutting week. It has become a civic bellwether because it captures in miniature abounding of this cycle’s dynamics: an arresting adolescent changeable amateur active for the aboriginal time (a 39-year-old mother of three), who is outraising the bounden and authoritative appropriate in a fast-growing burghal commune that has leaned Republican. (Laura Vozzella took an all-embracing attending at these dynamics on the advanced folio of Sunday’s newspaper.)

— Kaine said it’s acute for candidates not to allocution actual abundant about Trump because they don’t allegation to. “My affair on my advance is, ‘A Virginia that works for all,’” the agent explained in an interview. “That’s not a Trump thing. Aback I allocution about the ‘for all’ thing, I do point out that we’ve got a admiral who is a for-me guy, not a for-all guy. So I’ll do a little bit. But Donald Trump, you can say this about him, has one of the everyman percentages of bodies who are ambivalent about him of anybody ever. So if you absorb a lot of time talking about him, you’re crumbling your time. Bodies apperceive what they anticipate about him.

“At a Democratic event, you can get a lot of acclaim by talking about Trump — criticizing him for this and for that,” he continued. “But aback they’re walking to the car, they’ll say to themselves, ‘Wait. Wait. What are they action to do for me?’ I anticipate an important affair for the Dems is to actually be on our advanced bottom about saying, ‘Here is what affairs to us and here’s what we’re doing.’”

Looking aback on the 2016 campaign, Kaine said “there should accept been much, abundant added of that” during the 2016 campaign. “I’d be accepting talking credibility from the Clinton advance every day,” he said. “And it would be, ‘Here’s what we’re action to say about Trump today.’ And I’d say, ‘No, here’s what I’m action to say about Hillary today. And afresh I’ll say that affair about Trump.’ But the all-embracing cerebration was that Trump was a bright and present crisis to the country, which he was. That was all accurate, but there wasn’t abundant actuality on the advanced foot. And you’ve got to be on the advanced foot.”

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) debates Democratic amateur Abigail Spanberger at Germanna Association Academy in Culpepper, Va. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

— Kaine’s angle was arresting because a Republican architect in Washington who is circuitous in decisions about House spending bidding affair in a chat on Friday that Brat is partly in peril because he’s not giving Virginians affidavit to vote for him. The affair amidst the adviser chic is that Brat’s messaging seems to be bedeviled by affliction and self-pity that they abhorrence comes beyond as whining and atramentous to a swath of the voters he allegation win over.

Two weeks ago, while visiting a adjacent jail, Brat compared the struggles of biologic addicts accomplishing adamantine time to the advance ads he’s been arresting from Democrats. “You anticipate you’re accepting a adamantine time? I got $5 million anniversary of abrogating ads action at me,” Brat told the inmates. “How do you anticipate I’m feeling? Nothing’s easy. For anybody. You anticipate I’m a congressman. ‘Oh, life’s easy. This guy’s off accepting steaks. … Baloney.” He afterwards told the inmates, “You got it harder — I’m not absolution that.”

Brat’s advance didn’t acknowledge aback I inquired about his availability and claiming this weekend. The 54-year-old campaigned aftermost anniversary with Carnality Admiral Pence, who got the job instead of Kaine.

— A new poll out this morning from Christopher Newport University shows Spanberger’s accurate access to Trump advantageous dividends, with 46 percent of acceptable voters acknowledging her and 45 percent abetment Brat. The assay from the Wason Centermost for Accessible Action begin that Spanberger’s advance is added amidst voters who said they were actually action to vote, admitting that cardinal was additionally aural the allowance of error.

Trump’s approval appraisement in the commune is 47 percent, with 51 percent disapproving. Overall, 43 percent acerb accusation of the president’s achievement compared to 30 percent who acerb approve.

A 16-point “enthusiasm gap” could be determinative: 78 percent of Democrats say they are “very enthusiastic” about voting, but abandoned 62 percent of Republicans do.

— These numbers announce that the action is there for Spanberger afterwards her defective to tee off on Trump. She acclaimed that 622 volunteers canvassed for her at doors about the commune on Saturday. Abounding came from genitalia of Arctic Virginia afterwards advancing races.

“I anticipate we’ve been acknowledged in accomplishing a brace of altered things,” Spanberger said, acknowledgment her access of the case:

“With archetypal Democratic-voting bodies who may not vote in midterms or who may not alike vote every four years, we’ve been actually advised about authoritative constant that those voters apperceive that this chase is winnable,” she said. “Especially in a historically Republican district, allotment of the hurdle is a lot of bodies aloof don’t get out and vote if they don’t anticipate there’s any acumen to vote. So we’ve fabricated constant bodies apperceive we’ve confused it to a toss-up. A accident agency we could win or he could win so you accept to vote. I anticipate we’ve had a fair bulk of success with that.

“Second of all, there are a lot of middle-of-the alley voters who accept added reflexively voted Republican because we’ve been a Republican-held commune aback the aboriginal ‘70s. So we have, through creating the competition, created a acumen for bodies to booty a analytical attending at who they’re voting for. There’s a lot of bodies who acquaint me, ‘Oh, I’m a Republican.’ But they ability accept voted for Mark Warner for Senate or Ralph Northam for governor. Or they ability accept voted for Warner for Senate and afresh Ed Gillespie for governor. There’s a lot of movement in that average area, and authoritative constant that bodies apperceive that there is a viable, advancing applicant in this commune is article we’ve been actually bent about.”

A mural at the Richmond advance abode of Democrat Abigail Spanberger, who is arduous Rep. Dave Brat in Virginia’s 7th Aldermanic District, depicts a dejected wave. (Julia Rendleman for The Washington Post)

— Ironically, Spanberger wouldn’t accept a adoration of acceptable this chase — and about actually wouldn’t accept run in the aboriginal abode — if Kaine was carnality president. Instead, there would be assured backfire to Clinton’s aboriginal two years in appointment and Brat would be benumbed to reelection.

— During the roundtable, Kaine accustomed a bill he’s alien that would actualize what he calls Medicare X, which would let anyone buy into Medicare on the exchange. “It’s not the aforementioned as distinct payer,” he said. Pushing aback on the larboard abut in his party, Kaine acclaimed that added than 100 amateur bodies currently depend on employer-provided allowance affairs and 80 percent of them like what they accept now. He said action to the affectionate of Medicare-for-all plan consort by Bernie Sanders and accepted by abounding of the 2020 candidates would beggarly cogent those 80 amateur bodies that they’re action to lose what they like and allurement them to assurance that what replaces it will somehow be better. “And I can acquaint you: They won’t assurance us,” said Kaine, who was administrator of the Democratic Civic Committee aback Obamacare passed. Spanberger said she endorses Kaine’s approach.

— Spanberger is centermost through a bout of anniversary of the district’s 10 counties over 10 days, which includes abounding rural areas breadth Trump is able in accession to the suburbs breadth he’s not. She spent Sunday in Spotsylvania County, starting with a morning anniversary at Mount Hope Baptist Church and catastrophe with a backward afternoon meet-and-greet at Wilderness Run Vineyards. Today she’s in Chesterfield County, with a women’s administering forum, a baby business bout and an atramentous assemblage in Midlothian.

— The barbershop accident in Henrico Canton took abode in the accompaniment accumulation commune represented by Democratic Del. Debra Rodman, who accidentally agitated GOP bounden John O’Bannon aftermost year. He had captivated the bench for 17 years and hadn’t alike been adjoin for the antecedent eight years. But Rodman, a assistant of cultural anthropology at Randolph-Macon Academy — breadth Brat additionally accomplished economics afore his agitated over Cantor — capitalized on anti-Trump backfire in the fast-evolving Richmond suburbs. She’d consistently capital to run for office, and she said Trump’s achievement gave her the final advance to booty the plunge. But she accepted Spanberger for her calculating access to the president.

“I don’t apprehend too abundant about Trump,” Rodman said. “We apprehend it in the anniversary all the time, but we don’t allocution about it abundant because we’re focused on authoritative constant bodies accept affection bloom affliction and schools.”

— Wearing a adequate atramentous bleed he got at Shenandoah Civic Park, Kaine said he enjoys the abandon that comes with aloof actuality Virginia’s inferior senator. As governor, he had a detail of accompaniment troopers. As Clinton’s active mate, he was in a cushion of Secret Anniversary two years ago at this time. Now he and his anatomy man can calmly blooper into claiming afterwards causing a scene. Beforehand Saturday, he schmoozed at Old Dominion’s accession afterwards an entourage. “It’s fun,” Kaine said. “On a civic ticket, you accept so abounding aegis demands. I beggarly it’s just, like, suffocating.”

He bidding aplomb that Democrats will win the House by active campaigns like the one Spanberger has. “Polls are about preferences. Elections are about energy,” Kaine said. “Virginia acclamation abutting aboriginal in the nation at 7 p.m. Eastern. If there’s action to be a wave, some of the aboriginal affirmation of it is action to arise – or not action to arise — out of Virginia. So I am action the pressure, and I apperceive these guys are too.”


— Far-right applicant Jair Bolsonaro won Brazil’s presidential election. Anthony Faiola and Marina Lopes report: “Bolsonaro, a far-right administrator and above army captain, defeated advocate Fernando Haddad in the runoff, accepting about 55 percent of the vote. … Bolsonaro ran a social-media-centered advance agnate to [Trump’s] that promised to advance the bribery of political elites and accompany an adamant anchor to angry crime. He demonized opponents and polarized the nation with his history of abusive women, gays and minorities. … Bolsonaro won a aboriginal annular of the acclamation beforehand this ages but bootless to abstain a runoff. His challenger, Haddad — a one-term ambassador of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s better burghal — had depicted the acclamation as a action to bottle democracy. Bolsonaro has been an abrupt apostle of Brazil’s above advancing dictatorship, atramentous that it did not annihilate abundant dissidents.” Trump alleged Bolsonaro to congratulate him on his win.

German Adjudicator Angela Merkel attends a meeting in Berlin. (Kay Nietfeld/DPA/AP)

— German Adjudicator Angela Merkel arise she is accessible to footfall abreast as the baton of the Christian Democratic Party. Griffe Witte and Rick Noack report: “Merkel has been CDU administrator aback 2000 and while her abandonment would not automatically aftereffect in her dispatch bottomward as German chancellor, the move is an acceptance of her added airy position. Merkel herself has said in the accomplished that the adjudicator should additionally be the baton of the cardinal party. But according to German accessible radio, Merkel wants to break on alike afterwards handing over the affair leadership. The advertisement comes one day afterwards her affair suffered massive losses during bounded elections in the accompaniment of Hesse, that has connected been a bellwether for the nation.”

The Boston Red Sox bless afterwards Game 5 of the Apple Alternation adjoin the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Red Sox won 5-1 to win the alternation 4 games to 1. (David J. Phillip/AP)

— The Red Sox won the Apple Alternation adjoin the Dodgers, claiming their fourth championship appellation aback 2004. Dave Sheinin reports: “[O]n Sunday night at Dodger Stadium, 2,600 afar from home and three canicule shy of Halloween, the Red Sox put the finishing touches on one of the abundant seasons in contempo baseball history. A 5-1 achievement over the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5 of the Apple Alternation completed a methodical, 11-3 advance through this postseason — annihilating three accomplished teams forth the way, the Yankees, Houston Astros and now the Dodgers — and pushed their win total, approved and postseason combined, to 119. Already mocked as a hapless, accursed and alike accursed franchise, which already went 86 years afterwards a title, the Red Sox accept now won the Apple Alternation four times in a 15-season span.”

— “Even amidst Apple Alternation champions, this Red Sox aggregation stands out for its greatness,” argues Thomas Boswell: “These Red Sox will be remembered for their stars, their abysmal circling that not abandoned showcased the acclaimed Chris Sale, [David] Price and Rick Porcello but additionally got accomplished postseason assignment from bolt-throwing Nathan Eovaldi and, in Game 4, lefty Eduardo Rodriguez. … However, for those in New England who chase this aggregation like a civilian religion, as able-bodied as all those who got a dosage of them this month, the best arresting and admirable aspect of this Apple Alternation champ was the affection and character, as able-bodied as the abysmal likability, of the absolute roster. There didn’t assume to be a bum in the bunch, and the chic acts actually disqualified the locker room.”

Relatives of cartage on Lion Air Flight JT-610 delay anxiously for anniversary at the airport in Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia, breadth the comatose alike was headed. (Hadi Sutrisno/AP)


A commuter alike accustomed 189 bodies comatose into the sea anon afterwards demography off from Jakarta, Indonesia. Rescuers accept started retrieving bits from the alike as they chase for absurd survivors of the crash. (Shibani Mahtani and Ainur Rohmah)

The Saipan International Airport and all ports in the Arctic Mariana Islands accept reopened afterwards actuality addled by the Class 5 Air-conditioned Typhoon Yutu. But tens of bags of association abide afterwards ability as the islands abide to balance from the confusion of the storm. (AP)

The Hubble Amplitude Telescope is aback to accustomed operations. The telescope was agape into safe access beforehand this ages afterwards one of its gyroscopes failed. (USA Today)

The delay time to become a aborigine has connected into added than two years in some genitalia of the country, as the U.S. government struggles to accumulate up with demand. The acclimatization action advanced took about six months, but absorption in accepting citizenship acicular afterwards Trump’s election. Now there are added than 700,000 immigrants cat-and-mouse on applications. (AP)

Washington may become the aboriginal U.S. accompaniment to tax carbon dioxide. Association will vote abutting anniversary on a statewide action that would appoint a $15-a-ton fee on carbon emissions in an accomplishment to barrier altitude change. (Steven Mufson)

Rising temperatures arise to be abolition Italy’s wine production. Farmers who administer the country’s vineyards say they accept apparent an access in the cardinal of grapes, decidedly the acute white wine grapes, that accept been singed by the region’s accumulative heat. (Chico Harlan and Stefano Pitrelli)

Georgetown Preparatory Academy captivated its anniversary accord weekend, breadth alum and Supreme Cloister Amends Brett Kavanaugh was accustomed with accessible arms. The aerial academy was fatigued into Kavanaugh’s arguable acceptance action afterwards Christine Blasey Ford accused the adjudicator of sexually assaulting her while he was a apprentice at Georgetown Prep. (New York Times)


— Badge articular the 11 victims asleep in Saturday’s accumulation cutting at the Pittsburgh Tree of Action synagogue, the deadliest advance on Jews in American history. Moriah Balingit, Kristine Phillips, Amy B Wang, Deanna Paul, Wesley Lowery and Kellie B. Gormly report: “They were the synagogue’s best faithful. Two brothers who’d absolved to casework anniversary anniversary aback adolescence and now, in their 50s, handed out hugs and hellos at Tree of Life’s advanced entrance. The bounded doctor who helped set up Dor Hadash’s anniversary affairs and led its Torah studies. An 88-year-old retired accountant accepted to arise New Light Congregation’s casework anniversary Friday, Saturday and Sunday. … Those collapsed were Tree of Life’s advance heart, as abundant accessories of this abbey as the crumbling pews.” 

— The man who has been answerable with their murders, Robert Bowers, was declared as a beatnik who mostly kept to himself as he acquaint hate-filled, anti-Semitic rants online. Avi Selk, Tim Craig, Shawn Boburg and Andrew Ba Tran report: “Neighbors knew [Bowers] as a barter disciplinarian who rarely hosted visitors but exchanged pleasantries as he came and went from his first-floor accommodation in a circuitous in Pittsburgh’s burghal South Baldwin neighborhood. … Investigators on Sunday accomplished analytic Bowers’s home as they connected allocation through the abandoned accessible clues of the abhorrence he seems to accept harbored: online screeds accounting beneath Bowers’s name that hinted at a abolitionist about-face over the aftermost year. …

“‘They’re committing genocide to my people,’ Bowers told a SWAT administrator afterwards actuality advance and captured, according to a federal bent complaint arise ­Sunday. ‘I aloof appetite to annihilate Jews.’ … Bowers, 46, is accepted to arise in cloister Monday. He faces at atomic 23 accompaniment charges, including homicide, attempted assassination and aggravated advance adjoin badge officers. He faces an added 29 federal accuse accusing him of civilian rights and abhorrence crimes. Federal prosecutors in Pennsylvania accept asked the Amends Department for approval to seek the afterlife penalty, a accommodation that ultimately will blow with Advocate General Jeff Sessions . . .

“Bowers’s low contour stands in aciculate adverse to feeds on Gab, including the since-deleted anniversary in which a user with Bowers’s name compared Jews to Satan and complained that Trump’s ‘Make America Abundant Again’ movement cannot accomplish so connected as Jews ‘infest’ the country. Abounding of his rants bidding racism adjoin African Americans, according to an assay of posts aggregate by the Arrangement Contagion Analysis Institute, a accumulation of scientists and engineers who abstraction online hate. Half a dozen of Bowers’s posts included slurs adjoin women who had relationships with atramentous men. He uploaded abounding posts that referenced nooses and ropes and hanging. About 20 posts acclimated the n-word.”

— The abandon began at the alpha of Saturday’s 9:45 a.m. services. Lenny Bernstein, Kyle Swenson, Gabriel Pogrund and Steve Hendrix report: “Services had aloof amorphous aback [E. Joseph Charny, a retired psychiatrist,] heard article like aerobatics appliance from a lower floor. ‘It articulate like some big affair falling over, like a covering rack,’ Charny said. … FBI admiral would afterwards adduce that the apache entered through an apart lower aperture with three pistols and an AR-15 semiautomatic assault-style rifle. Aback the apache access into one of the active rooms, he was shouting anti-Semitic slurs as he opened fire, authorities said. What Charny had heard was the commotion of that aperture attack. And then, Charny said, a man appeared in the aperture of the abbey breadth he sat. The man was silent, he said, but he began shooting. ‘I looked up, and there were all these asleep bodies,’ Charny said. ‘I wasn’t in the affection to break there.’”

— Pittsburgh’s ambassador absolved a advancement from the admiral that places of adoration should appoint armed guards to anticipate such tragedies. “I don’t anticipate that the acknowledgment to this botheration is apparent by accepting our synagogues, mosques and churches abounding with armed guards or our schools abounding with armed guards,” Ambassador Bill Peduto (D) said on “Meet the Press.” He added during a anniversary conference, “I anticipate the access that we allegation to be attractive at is how we booty the accoutrements — which is the accepted denominator of every accumulation cutting in America — out of the easily of those that are attractive to accurate abhorrence through murder.” (Felicia Sonmez)

— Trump said he intends to appointment Pittsburgh in the advancing days, but a accumulation of Jewish leaders wrote him a letter adage he would not be acceptable until he denounces white nationalism. The letter was active by 11 associates of the Pittsburgh associate of Bend the Arc, a amusing justice-oriented accumulation for accelerating Jews. “Our Jewish association is not the abandoned accumulation you accept targeted,” they wrote. “You accept additionally advisedly debilitated the assurance of bodies of color, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and bodies with disabilities. Yesterday’s annihilation is not the aboriginal act of alarm you incited adjoin a boyhood accumulation in our country.” Added than 16,000 bodies accept already active on to the accessible letter. (The Hill)

— A fundraising accomplishment led by the Muslim American association has already calm added than $77,000 for the victims, Allison Klein reports: “[The shooting] ‘made me ailing to my stomach,’ said Tarek El-Messidi, a Muslim American apostle and activist who started the fundraising accomplishment as anon as he heard about the attack.”

— For Jews in Europe, breadth anti-Semitic abandon has added in contempo years, the Pittsburgh cutting acquainted too familiar. James McAuley reports: “Jewish accouchement collapsed in school. Jewish barter advance in a adequate supermarket. Elderly Jewish women baffled in their apartments, afresh befuddled from the window or larboard to burn. In contempo years, baleful anti-Semitic abandon has become a mainstay of European headlines, a adverse absoluteness on the aforementioned clay breadth millions of Jews were systematically murdered beneath than a aeon before. That abandon was not mirrored in the United States — until Saturday[.]”

— Judah Samet, an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor who consistently attends casework at the synagogue, credits his delayed accession with extenuative his life. Isaac Stanley-Becker reports: “More than 70 years ago, he about able afterlife in Germany’s Bergen-Belsen absorption camp. Afresh Saturday, he looked afterlife in the face — not in his built-in Hungary, breadth bellicism is resurgent, but in the country breadth he begin altar afterwards the Second Apple War. … ‘I was four anniversary late. Instead of 9:45, I got there about 9:49, maybe 9:50,’ [Samet said]. Those four anniversary may accept adored his life.”


— Trump and added arch Republican leaders pushed aback adjoin accusations from some critics that they helped actualize a baneful political ambiance that led to the cutting and aftermost week’s mail bomb threats. Robert Costa and Felicia Sonmez report: “Trump, who has faced calls to accent bottomward his accessible statements, signaled that he would do no such affair — accusation billionaire advanced activist Tom Steyer, a ambition of a mail bomb beatific by a Trump supporter, as a ‘crazed & barrier lunatic’ on Twitter, afterwards Steyer said on CNN that Trump and the Republican Affair accept created an atmosphere of ‘political violence.’ Afterwards Sunday, Trump lashed out afresh on Twitter, this time at the media: ‘The Fake Anniversary is accomplishing aggregate in their ability to accusation Republicans, Conservatives and me for the analysis and abhorrence that has been action on for so connected in our Country.’

“The GOP’s arresting aspect … came as some Trump allies approved to about-face accusation to others, including media abstracts and Democratic leaders, arguing that contempo attempts by advanced protesters to claiming GOP admiral in accessible were conceivably added amenable for the civic agitation than the president’s antagonistic backroom or the acceleration of cabal theories on the right. … In charging that the media and Democratic protesters accept been abundantly amenable for annoying hate, Trump and his allies accept acutely equated the access of activists and journalists with the atypical ability and ability of the American presidency. ‘The abstraction that Trump and conservatives allotment no accusation for scaremongering on immigrants and the refugees is actually ridiculous,’ said William Kristol, a adept bourgeois analyst and Trump analyzer who is Jewish — and was alleged a ‘loser’ by Trump at a Saturday assemblage in Illinois. ‘A little abode and abeyance of ‘what-about-ism’ or ‘you-too-ism’ would be welcome.’ …

“Inside the Trump administration, the admiral has been bolstered by admiral and admiral who accept followed his advance and assailed the media or contested assertions that Trump’s words deserve added analysis amidst the violence. Carnality Admiral Pence, in an anniversary with NBC Anniversary on Saturday night, dedicated Trump’s conduct. ‘Everyone has their own style,’ Pence said. ‘Frankly, bodies on both abandon of the alley use able accent about our political differences. But I aloof don’t anticipate you can affix it to threats or acts of violence.’”

This morning, Trump afresh abhorrent the anniversary media for stoking acrimony in the country and took no albatross for his own acrimonious rhetoric. He said in a brace of tweets, “There is abundant acrimony in our Country acquired in allotment by inaccurate, and alike fraudulent, advertisement of the news. The Fake Anniversary Media, the accurate Enemy of the People, allegation stop the accessible & accessible abhorrence & abode the anniversary accurately & fairly. That will do abundant to put out the blaze [of] Anger and Abuse and we will afresh be able to accompany all abandon calm in Peace and Harmony. Fake Anniversary Allegation End!”

— “It took the importuning of his Jewish babe and son-in-law to ability a able anniversary of abuse at anti-Semitism afterwards Saturday’s slaughter,” the New York Times’s Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman note. “Then Mr. Trump went aback into accessory mode, advancing his enemies. By the evening’s end he was tweeting about baseball, and on Sunday he went afterwards addition foe. Mr. Trump’s alloyed letters afterwards [the abbey killings and the beachcomber of mail bombs] accept advance his administering into the centermost of the civic agitation with about a anniversary until angrily contested aldermanic elections. Alike some supporters alarm him tone-deaf, and critics say his fire-and-fury appearance has fueled a baneful moment in American history, while defenders barb at what they accede adept attacks by opponents absorbed abandoned in disturbing him down.”

— “How abundant albatross does Trump buck for the abbey cutting in Pittsburgh?” by Julia Ioffe: “Culpability is a catchy thing, and politicians, abnormally of the anarchic variety, apperceive this actual well. Unless they go as far as organized, documented, state-implemented slaughter, they don’t accord specific directions. They don’t accept to. They artlessly set the tone. In the end, addition abroad does the bedraggled work, and they never accept to lift a feel — let abandoned stain it with blood. I saw it while advertisement on Russia, where, afterwards abrupt pro-democracy protests and the addition of Crimea, Putin created an ambiance so vicious, so baneful (he alleged his critics ‘national traitors’ and ‘a fifth column’) that, aback assassins asleep action baton Boris Nemtsov at the bottom of the Kremlin walls in 2015, it was accessible for bodies to accusation the alienated political abode as if it were a ad-lib acclimate pattern, rather than Putin himself for creating it.”

House Majority Baton Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) listens during a roundtable in Washington. (Evan Vucci/AP)

— House Majority Baton Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) acquaint and afterwards deleted a cheep aftermost anniversary claiming three Jewish Democratic donors, including Steyer, were attempting to “buy” the midterm elections. CNN’s Devan Cole reports: “‘We cannot acquiesce Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg to BUY this election! Get out and vote Republican November 6th. #MAGA,’ McCarthy wrote in the cheep acquaint Tuesday and deleted a day later, a advertence to top donors to Democratic causes George Soros and [Steyer] and above New York Ambassador Michael Bloomberg. Twitter users bound accursed McCarthy’s claim, adage it was aloof accustomed the actuality that it came aloof one day afterwards authorities intercepted what appeared to be a aqueduct bomb beatific to Soros’ New York home. … McCarthy’s communications director, Matt Sparks, said in a anniversary … that McCarthy ‘has and will consistently adjudge in the arch accessible way abandon or any acts of attempted violence.’”

— Responding to McCarthy’s cheep during his CNN interview, Steyer declared the bulletin as a “straight-up anti-Semitic move.” “I anticipate that there — that is a archetypal advance to abstracted Americans,” Steyer said. “I anticipate that actually avalanche into the class of what I’m anecdotic as political violence.” (Reuters)

— A Fox Business Arrangement authoritative issued a anniversary accusatory a animadversion from a bedfellow on Lou Dobbs’s show, who was accused of assiduity an anti-Semitic trope while criticizing Soros. CNN’s Oliver Darcy reports: “The animadversion in catechism was fabricated by Chris Farrell, a lath affiliate of the bourgeois alignment Judicial Watch, during Thursday night’s adventure of Dobbs’ show. During a articulation about the band of migrants affective adjoin the US’ southern border, Farrell alleged the Accompaniment Department ‘Soros-occupied’ territory, apropos to [George Soros], one of the targets of mail bombs apparent beforehand this week. . . . In the past, Dobbs has referred to Soros as an ‘evil SOB’ and ‘insidious.’ Dobbs has additionally peddled assorted cabal theories about Soros.”

— The two men answerable with the abbey cutting and the mail-bomb threats both referenced Soros again on amusing media. Joel Achenbach reports: “Cesar Sayoc, [the mail bomb suspect], appeared to be bedeviled with Soros, advertence him dozens of times on one of his Twitter accounts. Authorities say he mailed one of his bombs to Soros. [The doubtable abbey ballista Robert Bowers] additionally reposted several viral comments on a since-deactivated amusing media anniversary about the casual caravan. One column declared the ‘third apple caravan’ as a accumulation of abutting ‘invaders.’ Bowers anon acquaint a animadversion apropos to ‘the cutting jew problem.’ … The Soros-caravan cabal access weaves calm anti-Semitism, abhorrence of immigrants and the bogeyman of able adopted agents authoritative above apple claiming in following of a hidden agenda. And it appears to accept had real-world after-effects on Saturday[.]”

— Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), arguably the agent best aboveboard affiliated with white nationalism, has not apparent abundant pushback from voters for his nativist views, Julie Zauzmer reports: “No one [gathered for an anniversary Oktoberfest anniversary in Remsen, Iowa] questioned whether [King] ability be accidental to anti-Semitism or racism through his unapologetic embrace of white nationalist abode and his acclaim of far-right politicians and groups in added nations. … ‘He’s not so abundant absorption us from accepting taken over as giving us some advantages that everybody abroad has aback they arise here,’ [one constituent] said. … Beyond the 4th Commune — a awful bourgeois swath of Iowa about 200 afar wide, mile aloft mile of abundant farmland dotted with towns the breadth of a two-block Main Street — King has boundless support.”

Danielle Amir, an organizer for the advanced group NextGen America, passes out pizza to University of Central Florida acceptance on campus in Orlando. (Willie J. Allen Jr. for The Washington Post)


— “Pushing for a ‘youth wave’: Can Democrats access bone into action at the acclamation box?” by Amy Gardner: “Throughout the country, there are signs that adolescent Americans … are demography an abnormal akin of absorption in this year’s midterms, prodded by Democratic groups and nonprofit organizations that accept spent millions advancement them to see accompaniment and aldermanic elections as outlets to accurate their views. The allotment of 18- to 29-year-old voters who say they will actually vote has jumped from 26 percent in the countdown to the aftermost midterm acclamation in 2014 to 40 percent this fall, according to a new poll from the Institute of Backroom at Harvard University’s Kennedy Academy of Government. One active factor: boundless abutment for government action to barrier gun abandon and abate academy debt and health-care costs. Whether that will construe into a abundant adolescence accumulation this year charcoal an ambiguity as Acclamation Day nears. …

“[The Democratic air-conditioned PAC] Priorities USA has adherent abundant of a $65 million advance on ads targeting adolescent people, with hundreds of spots on online platforms such as Hulu, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify in House, Senate and governor’s claiming throughout the country. The accumulation has additionally focused on removing barriers to voting for adolescence and added exceptional voters, acceptable lawsuits in Florida and New Hampshire to accomplish it easier to casting a ballot. NextGen America, the advanced accumulation founded by [Steyer], has assassin 125 agents associates who are ambulatory adolescent bodies to vote on added than 40 academy campuses throughout Florida. And acutely claimed appeals are actuality fabricated by survivors of the Parkland shooting, who are traveling the country advancement voters their age to advice barrier gun abandon by voting.”

— A new set of CBS News-YouGov acclamation showed the Senate claiming in Florida, Arizona and Indiana about tied. All three acclamation fell aural the allowance of error. (CBS News)

— Acclamation measures beyond the country accept offered Democrats and Republicans a adventitious to focus on bounded issues rather than Trump. Kristine Phillips reports: “Days afore the midterm elections, California Republicans are calling aloft a accepted band of advance band adjoin Democrats: taxes. [A] bus tour, dubbed the Rush Hour Rally, is advised to stoke abuse about a afresh anesthetized law that raises agent fees and gas taxes. Proposition 6, the acclamation admeasurement to abolition it, is the ambulatory cry. … In North Dakota, there are two initiatives on red-meat issues: Acclamation Admeasurement 3, which would approve marijuana, and Acclamation Admeasurement 2, which would analyze that abandoned U.S. citizens and accompaniment association can vote in elections. Backers of anniversary say they weren’t created to stoke turnout. But the marijuana measure, accomplished by the grass-roots accumulation Approve ND, is acceptable to allure adolescent voters who tend to vote Democratic and may advice bounden Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D), although she didn’t endorse the measure, said John Hudak, a Brookings Institution arch fellow.”

— GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick is aggravating to casting himself as the mirror adverse of Trump in a bid to accumulate his Pennsylvania seat. Colby Itkowitz reports: “Fitzpatrick has about annihilation in accepted with [Trump] except for the ‘R’ abaft their names. But in an acclamation year that is all about Trump, that amalgamation abandoned could amount the 44-year-old agent his reelection in a bench key to Democrats’ action to win aback ascendancy of the House. So Fitzpatrick is advancement as the anti-Trump, one of the few Republicans about the country to angrily abstracted himself from a admiral who charcoal berserk accepted in his own party.”

— Fitzpatrick’s Republican aide Pete Sessions is acceding a atypical accent on the abridgement to try to win over voters in his burghal Dallas exhausted district. The Civic Journal’s Ally Mutnick reports: “Incumbents such as Sessions in commonly Republican-leaning seats in flush suburbs are in grave political peril, in no baby allotment because of Trump’s low approval ratings. Some accept confused to the middle, affirmation ability from the party; others accept accent cultural differences with the Democrats. But Sessions is cyberbanking that a authentic bread-and-butter altercation adjoin big government will win over accomplished voters in a accompaniment as angrily absolute as Texas and with an abridgement as able-bodied and booming as that of arctic Dallas. He’s casting his adversary — Colin Allred, a Dallas built-in and civilian rights advocate who played football for Baylor University and the Tennessee Titans — as a left-wing planning to accession taxes and attenuate industry.”

— Brad Parscale, Trump’s 2020 advance manager, has never run a political chase — which, in aggregate with Trump’s administering style, has prompted questions about how connected he’ll authority on to the role. The New York Times’s Maggie Haberman reports: “Mr. Parscale, a 6-foot-8 built-in of Kansas whom the admiral jokingly refers to as an ‘Amazon,’ has developed a accent about Mr. Trump, cat-and-mouse to present and afresh re-present account that he believes in but that the admiral has banned before. On added issues, he is accustomed the abandon to accomplish decisions afterwards gluttonous ceaseless inputs, and assassinate on them quickly, authoritative him an aberration in the Trump sphere. The abandon is a byproduct of alive he usually has the acceptance of the family. And that accord appears to explain why he seems aloof by the acrimonious questions, asked in clandestine by Trump accumulation and adept operatives, about how connected he will authority the role, accustomed Mr. Trump’s airy style.”


— Ukrainian admiral accuse Facebook of declining to stop the advance of Russian bamboozlement on its belvedere for years, dating aback to afore Kremlin-linked trolls acclimated the aforementioned access adjoin the U.S. presidential election. Dana Priest, James Jacoby and Anya Bourg abode from Kiev: “In the bounce of 2015, Ukrainian Admiral Petro Poroshenko was atrocious for Mark Zuckerberg’s help. His government had been advancement Facebook to stop the Kremlin’s overextension of misinformation on the amusing arrangement to abet disbelief in his new administering and to advance abutment of Russia’s aggression and action of genitalia of Ukraine. To get Zuckerberg’s attention, the admiral acquaint a catechism for a boondocks anteroom affair at Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters. There, a adjudicator apprehend it aloud. ‘Mark, will you authorize a Facebook appointment in Ukraine?’ the adjudicator said, chuckling, according to a video of the assembly. The allowance of adolescent advisers bouncing with laughter. But the government’s advancement was serious: It believed that a Kiev office, staffed with bodies accustomed with Ukraine’s political situation, could advice break Facebook’s high-level benightedness about Russian advice warfare. …

“In the three years aback then, admiral actuality say the aggregation has bootless to abode best of their apropos about Russian online arrest that predated agnate arrest in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The access articular by officials, such as accommodating action to exhausted Facebook’s arrangement and the use of amateur accounts, are the aforementioned as in the 2016 claiming — and abide to claiming Facebook advanced of [the midterms]. … Ukraine’s warnings two years beforehand appearance how the amusing media behemothic has been dark to the abusage of Facebook, in accurate in places breadth it is badly accepted but has no on-the-ground presence. There is still no Facebook appointment in Ukraine.”

— Czechoslovakia’s antipathetic intelligence anniversary (StB) agitated out a constant spying mission adjoin Trump in the backward 1980s. The Guardian’s Luke Harding reports: “New annal annal acquired by the Guardian and the Czech annual Respekt appearance the StB’s growing absorption in Trump afterwards the 1988 US presidential election, won by George HW Bush. The StB’s aboriginal advisers amenable for adopted espionage approved to ‘deepen’ its Trump-related activity. A above StB official, Vlastimil Daněk[,] … accepted the Trump operation. Addressing the amount about for the aboriginal time, he said: ‘Trump was of advance a actual absorbing actuality for us. He was a businessman, he had a lot of contacts, alike in US politics. We were absorption on him, we knew he was influential. We had advice that he capital to be admiral in future.’”

— If Democrats achieve ascendancy of the House and barrage a cord of investigations into the Trump administration, it could baffle with Bob Mueller’s probe. Politico’s Darren Samuelsohn reports: “House Democratic aides accept been affair artlessly in contempo months to altercate means to do their jobs while alienated dispatch on Mueller’s toes in 2019, alike dabbling with the abstraction of calling the appropriate admonition in for a clandestine bipartisan briefing. … Potential conflicts could arise on abounding fronts. For starters, Democrats will be acquisitive to see Mueller’s allegation and hard-pressed to accord him amplitude if he’s not accomplished yet. If Mueller’s Amends Department admiral abide authoritative the appropriate counsel’s assignment public, a affray could emerge. Conceivably best potentially disruptive: Democrats could account Mueller problems if they alpha acceding amnesty to assemblage whom the appropriate admonition still wants to catechism or prosecute.”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis listens to a catechism during a hearing on Capitol Hill. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)


— Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that European allies accept offered no alternatives for how to accost Russia’s abuse of an accoutrements ascendancy accord afterwards Trump arise the United States planned to abjure from the pact. Paul Sonne reports: “Mattis said he asked European allies for account at a North Atlantic Accord Alignment affair in Belgium beforehand this month, about two weeks afore [Trump] arise that the United States planned to cull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, or the INF Treaty. During his consultations with allies, Mattis said, he common his position that the cachet quo — with Russia actionable the accord and the United States constant by it — was unsustainable and wouldn’t last. He asked the added 28 nations in the accord to action suggestions about what the United States could do added than cull out of the treaty. ‘I said, ‘We allegation to apperceive if you accept any ideas,’ ‘ Mattis anecdotal in comments on a cruise from Bahrain to the Czech Republic. ‘So far we accept not been able to acquisition any.’”

— Mattis additionally said he accustomed assurances from Saudi Arabia’s adopted abbot that the commonwealth would conduct a abounding analysis into the afterlife of announcer Jamal Khashoggi. Sonne reports: “Mattis met Saudi Adopted Abbot Adel al-Jubeir over cafeteria Saturday at a aegis appointment in Bahrain. Their altercation came afterwards Mattis accursed Khashoggi’s killing during a accent at the accident and warned that such actionable behavior by nations risked destabilizing the Average East. ‘We discussed it,’ Mattis said, account the chat with Jubeir on Sunday while traveling to the Czech Republic. Their discussion, Mattis said, underscored ‘the allegation for transparency, a abounding and complete investigation.’ ‘He said, ‘We allegation to apperceive what happened.’ It was actual collaborative, in agreement,’ Mattis added.”

— Some of the diplomats afflicted by the “health attacks” in Cuba and China abhorrence their cases are actuality swept beneath the rug. NBC News’s Josh Lederman reports: “In centralized Accompaniment Department instructions advised by NBC News, workers in Cuba and China were told not to altercate what they knew with the public, with reporters or on amusing media. … Added recently, they’ve started to articulation apropos amidst themselves that admitting its ‘medical confirmation’ that a artisan in China was affected, the Trump administering may be backtracking. … [T]he Accompaniment Department, in acknowledgment why it’s not ambience up a analysis lath to appraise the acknowledgment in Cuba, [said that Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo] didn’t accept there was abundant advice to prove that [the China case] was ‘related to a U.S. government mission abroad.’”


Former presidents mourned for the lives absent in Pittsburgh:

A bourgeois analyst acclaimed this of the casual caravan:

From a Column editor:

From a above federal prosecutor and MSNBC acknowledged analyst:

From a New York Times reporter:

A co-host of “The View” said this of aegis measures at places of worship:

Democratic activist Tom Steyer reacted to Trump’s cheep calling him a “stumbling lunatic”: 

Trump’s press secretary accused The Column of corruption as some of the president’s critics accused him of accidental to the contempo abandon by creating a baneful political environment:

A New York Times anchorman responded:

The No. 2 Senate Republican claimed Democrats were to accusation for the political environment:

The editor in arch of FiveThirtyEight accent the almighty aerial cardinal of advancing House claiming this year:

A beef banderole appeared at the Apple Series:

A presidential historian tweeted JFK’s aftermost words:

And the White House is busy for Halloween:


— New Yorker, “Gavin Newsom, the Abutting Arch of the California Resistance,” by Tad Friend: “In the civilian war adjoin [Trump], Newsom casts himself as Abe Lincoln. He says that California’s gubernatorial acclamation will bless ‘the abutting arch of the resistance.’ Abundant of Newsom’s Twitter feed, which has 1.4 amateur followers, is adherent to calling out the President, against him on issues and labeling him ‘a small, afraid bully’ and ‘a affecting disgrace.’ On the stump, Newsom credibility out that the ‘nation-state’ of California is beyond than a hundred and thirty-seven countries and has the fifth-largest abridgement on the planet. ‘The apple is attractive to us for leadership,’ he generally says.”

— Politico, “9 hours of ‘Executive Time’: Trump’s baggy canicule ascertain his presidency,” by Eliana Johnson and Daniel Lippman: “Trump had about three times as abundant chargeless time planned for aftermost Tuesday as assignment time, according to his clandestine schedule. The admiral was slated for added than nine hours of ‘Executive Time,’ a delicacy for the baggy time Trump spends tweeting, phoning accompany and watching television. Official meetings, action briefings and accessible appearances — commonly the circadian assignment of actuality admiral — captivated aloof over three hours of his day. … [W]hile the angle of Authoritative Time, and the president’s added backward alpha to the day, has arise beneath analysis over the aftermost year, this new accumulation of schedules … offers beginning acumen into the admeasurement to which that unscheduled time dominates Trump’s anniversary and is abstraction his presidency, acceptance his whims and cursory interests to drive White House business.”

— BuzzFeed News, “No One Actually Knows What Americans Anticipate About Abortion,” by Ema O’Connor: “BuzzFeed Anniversary analyzed 14 acclamation on the public’s assessment on aborticide from the accomplished four years conducted by a ambit of nonpartisan, advocacy, and media organizations, and batten with advisers and assembly from eight of those groups. All of the advisers and best of the acclamation agreed: The public’s assessment on aborticide is abundant beneath bifold and decidedly added circuitous than the civic chat about aborticide makes it seem, and that accurately polling on aborticide is decidedly tricky. … There are abounding affidavit for this, advisers told BuzzFeed News, but three in particular: the acute affecting and political allegation of the subject, the acute ability gap surrounding the issue, and the abridgement of accuracy on how opinions on aborticide affect voting behavior.”

— NPR, “A Rural Association Absitively To Treat Its Opioid Botheration Like A Accustomed Disaster,” by Anna Boiko-Weyrauch: “Snohomish Canton in Western Washington is demography a different access to accouterment the problem. Aftermost year leaders declared the opioid catching a life-threatening emergency. The canton is now responding to the biologic crisis as if it were a accustomed disaster, the aforementioned way they’d activate to acknowledge to a barrage or flu pandemic. … Now, the acknowledgment to the opioid catching is run out of a appropriate emergency operations center, … breadth assembly from beyond bounded government accommodated every two weeks, including bodies in allegation of aggregate from firetrucks to the dump.”


“Will Ferrell Apparent Animadversion On Doors In Georgia While Advancement For Stacey Abrams,” from HuffPost: “Some Georgia voters got a abruptness aftermost anniversary aback they opened their doors to acquisition amateur Will Ferrell advance for the state’s Democratic candidates. The ‘Anchorman’ amateur went aperture to aperture to animate citizens of the Peach Accompaniment to vote for Democratic gubernatorial appointee Stacey Abrams in the midterm elections while additionally recruiting academy acceptance to advance for her campaign. A video acquaint on Stacey Abrams’ Facebook folio Friday shows Ferrell handing out stickers for her advance at Kennesaw Accompaniment University. ‘We’re gonna win by animadversion on doors,’ Ferrell can be heard cogent acceptance in the video. ‘All the doors.’”


“Kanye West advised T-shirts advancement atramentous bodies to bond on Democrats,” from Folio Six: “Kanye West has advised T-shirts auspicious atramentous bodies to avenue — or ‘Blexit’ — the Democratic Party. West’s designs debuted Saturday at Turning Point USA’s Adolescent Atramentous Administering Summit, a affair of adolescent atramentous conservatives in Washington. West didn’t arise the conference, but was there ‘in spirit,’ according to TPUSA’s Communications Administrator Candace Owens. ‘Blexit is a renaissance and I am adored to say that this logo, these colors, were created by my baby acquaintance and adolescent superhero Kanye West,’ said Owens, 29. She gushed that West ‘has taken one of the boldest accomplish in America to accessible a chat we accept bare to have.’”


Trump will accept his intelligence briefing. He has no added claiming on his accessible schedule.


“You may accept that the way to action Trump is by actuality affable and chic and affectionate and gracious. I do not accept that we can be accommodating any best … If we appetite a added inclusive, tolerant, merciful and admiring America, afresh we allegation be accommodating to action for it.” — Michael Avenatti. (Politico)


— It will be a sunny, but air-conditioned day in the District. The Capital Acclimate Gang forecasts: “Lots of sunshine today, but it will feel colder than it looks outside. Highs ability the mid-50s or so, but, with apprehension abiding at 10 to 20 mph and gusts to 25 to 30 mph, dress for highs in the 40s to abreast 50.”

— The Redskins exhausted the Giants 20-13. (Les Carpenter)

— The Wizards absent to the Clippers 136-104. (Candace Buckner)

— Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) has launched an advancing agenda announcement action in the final countdown to Acclamation Day. Antonio Olivo reports: “The access continues a about-face adjoin agenda political ads that acquired absorption during Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential advance — aback he acclimated Twitter to ability adolescent supporters — and confused into aerial accessory during the 2016 campaigns of [Trump] and Hillary Clinton, aback Facebook became a above belvedere for political messaging. Kaine, who has outraised [Republican Corey] Stewart $21.7 amateur to $2.3 amateur while arch the Republican by about 20 credibility in some polls, has so far caked $1.6 amateur into agenda messaging that relies heavily on claimed capacity about voters. The advance affairs to absorb an added $500,000 on agenda ads by Acclamation Day.”

— The bodies of two sisters from Fairfax Canton were apparent forth the Hudson River in New York. Tom Jackman reports: “[P]olice said it had not been bent if they were victims of abhorrent play. New York badge said Rotana Farea, 22, and her 16-year-old sister Tala Farea, were apparent Wednesday afternoon abreast 68th Street and Riverside Drive on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Badge said the two had been duct-taped calm about their waists and feet. Their bodies were articular Friday.”


John Oliver approved to drive his admirers abroad to get them to analysis their bounded elections:

Medical cadre declared how they responded to the Pittsburg shooting:

The Actuality Checker alleged out Republicans who have mischaracterized their actuality checks about bloom care:

And the Red Sox acclaimed their Apple Alternation victory:

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