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Public awkward and able retaliation, or alike destruction, for abhorred accent seems to accept become a approved affection of life—but additionally a accountable of growing concern. Most notably, in the accomplished month, scientists, politicians, and others have rallied to the aegis of British biochemist and Nobel laureate Sir Tim Hunt, whose absurd antic about women in science at a appointment sparked a Twitter storm and ended his bookish career. The pitfalls of amusing media awkward were afresh explored by British announcer Jon Ronson in the acclaimed book “So You’ve Been About Shamed,” which examines such belled incidents as the Twitter mobbing of accessible relations rep Justine Sacco in December 2013 over a racially aloof joke.

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But afore Hunt, afore Sacco, afore the adjournment of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich over his action to same-sex marriage, there was addition ball of career-killing Internet outrage: the undoing of Business Insider Chief Technology Officer Pax Dickinson. It is a adventure that raises adverse questions about accent and consequences.

Unlike Sacco or Hunt, broke by a distinct misinterpreted moment of levity—or Eich, penalized for what had been alone afresh a boilerplate viewpoint—Dickinson had a continued history of abandoned Twitter comments that were a mix of advised affront and arguable opinions. His abrupt atrophy began aback those tweets bent the absorption of a biographer for Valleywag/Gawker, who described Dickinson as “your new tech bro nightmare.”

I followed the Dickinson beating in September 2013. While I aggregate his analytical appearance of feminism in tech, which generally seems to be beneath about advancing women than adopting grievance, dispatches from the acreage fabricated Dickinson complete like a 18-carat macho chauvinist. (One of his much-quoted tweets said, “Tech managers absorb as abundant time annoying about how to appoint accomplished changeable developers as they do annoying about how to appoint a unicorn,” which seems to betoken that changeable aptitude is mythical.) While such opinions absolutely shouldn’t be punished or censored by the government, there are absolutely acceptable affidavit for a aggregation not to appetite a top controlling who about choir them—from bad accessible relations to potential bigotry suits.

I was, therefore, somewhat alert at aboriginal aback addition announcer contacted me with an action to allege to Dickinson for a accessible affection on his able exile. Afterwards several email exchanges, I concluded up affair with him for a continued account at his New Jersey home and speaking to several women who had formed with him in the past. I came abroad assertive that there was abundant added to this adventure than the boilerplate media anecdotal of a sexist “tech bro” accepting his comeuppance. Alike if Dickinson was in allotment the victim of his own recklessness, what happened to him was addition affiliate in the account of affected online abuse that mobs aboriginal and asks questions later.

A constant computer beatnik who alone out of academy afterwards one year to assignment for his father’s business, accomplished himself Web development, and rose from advice board artisan to abominable approved tech industry executive, Dickinson, now 42, advisedly admits that he has consistently enjoyed actuality “somewhat trolly” in amusing media—both cogent able opinions and actuality advisedly provocative. In part, this was additionally accompanying to the actuality that for a continued time, his afterward was bound to a baby amphitheater of bodies who knew him and were accustomed with his style.

Some of the comments that would afterwards get Dickinson branded sexist and racist were acutely meant as annoying humor, and sometimes arguably as acknowledgment of sexism and racism.  One decidedly abominable July 2010 tweet—”In Passion Of The Christ 2, Jesus gets raped by a backpack of n*****s. It’s his own accountability for bathrobe like a whore though”—was bluffing the abominable Mel Gibson phone rant in which he acclimated agnate accent to acquaint his adherent it would be her accountability if she were raped.  (That ambience was abandoned added than three years afterwards aback the cheep was publicized.) “It didn’t alike get abounding retweets or accomplish a splash,” says Dickinson. “I had 50 followers. Was it edgy? Of course. But anybody knew what it was about.”

Other tweets that came aback to abode Dickinson do reflect genuinely-held contrarian views—such as this one from June 2009, added than a year afore the alpha of his time at Business Insider: “Women’s capitalism and alone abandon are incompatible. How’s that for an abhorred truth?” That’s a advertence to the argument, fabricated by some conservatives and libertarians, that changeable voting leads to government amplification because women favor added activist government. Does Dickinson angle by this statement? Sort of—with a disclaimer: “Saying that I’m adjoin women voting is affectionate of trolling, because I’m adjoin anyone voting.” (For the record, he says he doesn’t vote.) Dickinson, who describes his angle as “libertarianish” but thinks libertarians “venerate capitalism a little too much,” is of the assessment that capitalism itself is apparently adverse with abandon aback it allows majorities to vote themselves added allowances until the arrangement break down. He does accept that the changeable vote is acceptable to accomplish the botheration worse because women tend to be added safety-minded than men; but he’s not decidedly agog on the macho accepted vote, either.

Whatever one may anticipate of these views, they did not allure absorption until the abatement of 2013, aback Dickinson begin himself in a Twitter war over feminism in the tech industry. This was not, he stresses, about according befalling for women, but about a beachcomber of accusatory overreaction to absolute or perceived sexist slights. Earlier that year, Dickinson had been afflicted by the aspersion accepted as “Donglegate,” in which tech specialist and blogger Adria Richards tweeted to accuse about two men exchanging innocuous, hardly blue jokes abaft her at a conference—costing one of the culprits his job. In September 2013, he criticized the abuse over “Titstare,” a adaptable app presented as a antic at a San Francisco tech appointment (its purpose was for men to booty photos of themselves staring at cleavage). Dickinson argued that while the app was crass and inappropriate, to alarm it available was to blab the term.  Soon he begin himself abashing with feminists and tweeting, “Feminism in tech charcoal the best affair for my block list. My feel is accepting tired.” Soon enough, Valleywag’s Nitasha Tiku was on his trail, activity aback through his Twitter timeline, and his fate was sealed.

Dickinson insists that he is no adversary of women in the tech industry: “Any tech administrator I’ve anytime accepted who’s hiring bodies is so atrocious for acceptable talent—you do not affliction if that acceptable aptitude is macho or changeable or any blush of the rainbow.” That, he says, was the point of his “hiring a unicorn” tweet: not that accomplished changeable developers are mythical, but that a administrator doesn’t accord any anticipation to gender because any acceptable aptitude is attenuate enough. He additionally credibility out that he had no botheration advertisement to a woman—his bang-up at Business Insider was CEO Julie Hansen, with whom he got forth aloof accomplished until the Twitter abuse apparatus bent up with him—and that abounding women had no botheration alive for him or with him.

These would be acutely egoistic claims if I had not announced to several women who acquaint the aforementioned story. “I never saw him amusement women any abnormally than men,” says Dina Ledvina, aforetime a affection affirmation architect at Business Insider—a aggregation that she says consistently had a female-friendly environment. “Sophie,” addition changeable tech able who asked to abide anonymous, says that Dickinson was not alone admiring of her assignment but accessible and compassionate aback she bare adjustable arrange for ancestors reasons. She wrote to me that she “felt bad for Pax” aback watching the media storm: “It’s adamantine to see your acquaintance actuality misrepresented.”

And again there’s Elissa Shevinsky, Dickinson’s above accomplice in a start-up alleged Glimpse, a activity to body an app that protects the aloofness of online conversations. Shevinsky had met Dickinson in 2012, about a year afore his notoriety. “Despite his tweets, Pax evaluates anybody as an individual. He never took me beneath actively because I was a woman,” she told me in an email. “Pax isn’t abashed of able women. He believed in me so hard, and it was actual accessible to accept in what we could do together.”

It is a somewhat absurd testimonial—considering that the Titstare incident, which precipitated Dickinson’s battle with feminists online, additionally served as Shevinsky’s feminist epiphany. Afterwards the scandal, she larboard Glimpse. Then, in the bounce of 2014, she came aback as CEO and agreed to accomplice with Dickinson already again; he agreed to address a public letter of apology.

The acknowledgment was abundant for Shevinsky—but not for the industry, which still angle Dickinson as too baneful to touch. Eventually, he chose to leave Glimpse afterwards acumen that his attendance was a above obstacle for Shevinsky in accepting adventure capital. To this day, he charcoal about unemployable. He says he has accustomed about a dozen agog job offers that bound fizzled afterwards he abreast his ambitious administration of his 15 account of infamy. He has formed on several freelance projects that he cannot put on his resume because the companies that assassin him don’t appetite it accepted that he formed for them. He and his wife, Kelly, currently depend primarily on her baby assets from a home-based business affairs accomplished china.

“Is it fair that Business Insider accursed me? Sure,” says Dickinson. “I fabricated the aggregation attending bad. Having those autonomous sympathies, I don’t anticipate anyone should accept to apply addition they don’t appetite to employ. But I anticipate actuality blacklisted and burden actuality put on any aggregation that ability accede hiring me is a abundant altered issue.”

Some affecting abstracts who best accelerating causes in the tech industry accept aboveboard encouraged the blacklisting. Shortly afterwards Dickinson’s downfall, technologist and blogger Anil Dash wrote, “If you’re a adventure capitalist, and you advance in Pax’s startup after a profound, allusive and years-long affirmation of albatross from Pax beforehand, you’re complicit in extending the tech industry’s abominable clue almanac of exclusion, and it’s unacceptable.”

Shevinsky acerb disagrees. “I anguish about efforts to avoid bodies from the community,” she wrote to me. “What does it beggarly if we try to booty the appropriate to assignment abroad from bodies with opinions that we acquisition dangerous?”

Dickinson makes the aforementioned point in his own still-contrarian, bloodied-but-unbowed style. “I’m actual acclimated to alive with bodies who accept backroom that I acquisition reprehensible,” he says. “I mean, I acquisition everyone’s backroom reprehensible, and I don’t apperception alive with them or actuality accompany with them. I’m acclimated to that. It seems added bodies aren’t.”

Ensuring that women and boyhood groups are not afar from abode opportunities is a aces goal.  But the exclusion of bodies accusable of captivation abhorred angle is still exclusion—and that’s a trend now overextension to far added banal forms of thought-crime than Dickinson’s annoying tweets. Afterwards bond to a allotment about the Tim Hunt debacle, Dickinson says he accustomed a bulletin from a adolescent software developer. It said, “You were the bare in the atramentous abundance in so abounding ways.”

This commodity originally appeared at RealClearPolitics.

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